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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering Chronology

Concerning Fascinating Days Ahead ...
Short and to the point:
This web page highlights specific events listed on our
"Biblical Synthesis"  page and represents our  c u r r e n t 
(as of January of this year) cultural setting.  Also, click here 
for our FAQ site, a site bringing most helpful clarification
concerning details about The Final Trumpet Rapture 
Gathering  position. 
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We came down to two options for this web page ...
1.  Highlight each specific event only after it occurs (that is, post
       the event on this site after it had taken place);         OR

2.  Post each event  now  with the understanding site visitors will
        carefully read the titles for each event highlighted on the
        PDF pages (links below).  The  Blue highlights  (below)
        indicate the proximity of 
events to our  PRESENT DAY  while 
        the PDF documents below 
outline additional prophetic details
        once the specific featured 
event occurs.
We've decided to post all the highlighted events  now  so readers
can better discern  what is coming next  by way of Bible prophecy 
fulfillment.  In other words, we've decided to go with the second 
option.  Please read the titles and the dark blue-colored notations
These documents especially highlight events of Daniel's 70th Week
while also going on to address important New Testament prophetic
A Covenant Is Made:     Future
Soon            Very Soon            Imminent               F U L F I L L E D
Regular Sacrifice Is Taken Away:     Future
Soon             Very Soon             F U L F I L L E D,  though cessation
                                                                           effects continue,
                                                                            namely, in part,
Soon         Imminent           Unfolding        F U L F I L L E D

[ Please Recall:  There is a period of just over  three
   and a half years  between the taking away and the
   setting up of the Abomination of Desolation - note
   Daniel 12:11's "1,290 days" ]
The Abomination Of Desolation Occurs:     Future
Somewhat Soon       Soon        Very Soon         F U L F I L L E D
The Period Of Great Tribulation Unfolds:     Future
Soon     Very Soon         U n f o l d i n g          F U L F I L L E D
                                   (but short-lived)
Spectacular Heavenly Signs Take Place:     Future
Very Soon         Imminent         Unfolding         F U L F I L L E D  
Christ's Initial Appearing Occurs:     Future
Soon          Very Soon          Imminent          F U L F I L L E D

[ Note: This event - above - begins "The Day of the LORD" ] 
The Trumpets Begin to Sound:     Future
Soon          Very Soon          Unfolding          F U L F I L L E D
The "Thunders" of Revelation 10:     Future
Soon          Imminent          Unfolding          F U L F I L L E D
The LORD Jesus Christ Raptures His People:     Future
Soon         Very Soon         Imminent         F U L F I L L E D
God's Bowls Of Wrath Are Now Delivered:     Future
Christ Returns To The Earth:     Future
Following the Bowls of Wrath,
Jesus Christ will descend to the
earth for the Battle of Armageddon
and His Millennial Reign.
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